The Official Website of the Legendary Rock Band NEKTAR
The Masterng legend Maor Appelbaum
Cleopatra Records Nektar's record producing partner Cleopatra Records
Audioporn One of our Fav bands - Audioporn
Billy Sherwood's website
alien frequency records Alien Frequency Records
Sabian are the offical sponsers and suppliers of Nektars powerhouse drummer "Ron Howdens" cymbals.
George Dennis are suppliers of Nektar's stage and studio amplifiers for Roye Albrighton. Roye love's the superb build quality and unique products that George produces - which suit Roye's playing style 100%.
Cadeson are sponsers and suppliers of Nektar's drums and percussion instruments (read Ron's endorsement) They have supplied Ron with a superb full hand painted drum kit, and also provide kits throughout the world to enable us to act as ambassadors on Cadeson's behalf.
"Progressive Ears" progressive music website is an innovative forum of musical expression and ideas, quite often there is news about Nektar.
"Sea of Tranquility" web source for progressive music, another great progressive music website that we enjoy.
Nektar's original record label. Bellaphon's partner Bellver Music deals with most of Nektars publishing. It was with Bellaphon that Nektar had their greatest success - 3 Gold albums.
Progressive Soundscapes radio great progressive web radio and more. Check it out.
Melo's Prog Bazaar, more progressive information and resources of interest.
Stafford's"musicians" music shop, Roye's local music store in Stafford England.
"Harmonie" Bonn Germany - the progrock center of Bonn. The place where the PURE DVD was recorded for WDR TV, and a place that has staged many superb live shows by many bands.
The Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Truly one of the very best progressive resources in the world. Extensive Nektar information can be found also on this website. We highly recommend this website to everyone.
Nektar's support for all European mainland dates on the 2005- TRIGON. 'Rough and wild and loud and electric, sometimes even sombre. Humour, spontaneity and irresistible, playful charm are the trademarks of this dynamic quartet'. Their great website is an adventure in itself. Give it a try.
Dutch links page to Rock Classics
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio, One of the Greats. Superb quality with hugely varied programming
Prog Rock Radio - hosted by Anton Roolart. Superb Music and reviews for all to enjoy.
This site includes a review of the NJ Morristown show March 2006.
One of the most popular krautrock sites in Germany.
This Krautrock site has a great forum and wonderful web radio
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